Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Marvel Zombies (reading order)

The Ultimate Universe began in 2000 with the start of Ultimate Spider-Man. The title proved to be wildly popular and spawned an entire universe. One thing that Marvel said they would never do is crossover the Ultimate Universe with the mainstream, or 616, Marvel Universe. Marvel dropped plenty of hints about a story-arc in the Ultimate Fantastic Four series. Turns out it was not quite what people thought. This was the birth of the Marvel Zombies Universe, Earth-2149.

Reading order for the Marvel Zombies universe, in chronological order:

Marvel Zombies Dead Days (events concurrent with the MZvAOD 0-2)
Marvel Zombies vs Army of Darkness #0-5
Ultimate Fantastic Four #21 - 23
Marvel Zombies vol 1 #1-5
Ultimate Fantastic Four #30 - 32
Black Panther vol 3 #28-30
Marvel Zombies vol 2 #1-5
Marvel Zombies vol 3 #1-4
Marvel Zombies vol 4 #1-4

Other, related comics:
Marvel Zombies Book of Angels, Demons, and Monstrosities
Marvel Spotlight Marvel Zombies
Exiles #85-86
Ultimate Civil War Spider-Ham

Publication Order:

Ultimate Fantastic Four #21 - 23 (Sep/2005 to Nov/2005)
Marvel Zombies vol 1 #1-5 (Feb/2006 to Jun/2006)
Ultimate Fantastic Four #30 - 32 (Jul/2006 to Oct/2006)
Exiles #85-86 (Oct/2006 to Nov/2006)
Ultimate Civil War Spider-Ham (Mar/2007)
Marvel Zombies vs Army of Darkness #0-5 (May/2007 to Aug/2007)
Marvel Zombies Dead Days (Jul/2007)
Black Panther vol 3 #28-30 (JUL/2007 to Oct/2007)
Marvel Zombies Book of Angels, Demons, and Monstrosities (Sep/2007)
Marvel Spotlight Marvel Zombies (Oct/2007)
Marvel Zombies vol 2 #1-5 (Dec/2007 to Apr/2008)
Marvel Zombies vol 3 #1-4 (Dec/2008 to Mar/2009)
Marvel Zombies vol 4 #1-4 (Jun/2009 to [current])

As always - if you have any corrections, additions, or subtractions - let me know!


  1. Thanks for the chronology, I was a bit confused about the reading order.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. I only disagree w/ placing the Dead Days material ahead of the Army of Darkness material, because in Dead Days, you open up right into the onset of the "infection", whilst in beginning of the Army of Darkness stuff, the infection hasn't started yet...just my feeling on it.

  3. I put the Dead Days as number 7 in my ordering. So there's the one page start of Zombies in AOD #13 then the story arc then dead days...

  4. whats the chronology now. i think theres a marvel zombies 5 now right? is there any other material between this post to the current publications?

  5. If you finish reading all that manetion read age of ultron vs marvel zombies is the continuation of the marvel zombies 5 part 5 . Storyline takes place in a new time zone . Read this new arc in the website