Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ultimatum (reading order)

This appears to be the best way to read through this series... if you decide to read them that is!

Ultimatum #1
Ultimate Spider-Man #130
Ultimate X-Men #98
Ultimate Fantastic Four #58
Ultimatum #2
Ultimate Spider-Man #131
Ultimate Fantastic Four #59
Ultimate X-Men #99
Ultimatum #3
Ultimate Fantastic Four #60
Ultimate X-Men #100
Ultimate Spider-Man #132
Ultimatum #4
Ultimate Spider-Man #133
Ultimatum #5
Ultimatum Requiem - Spider-Man #1-2, X-men, and Fantastic Four (can be read in any order)

After reading all these issues I have to say that while there are a few interesting points for the new Ultimate Comics to start from, largely this was a pretty poor event/story. It seems as though Marvel gave the creative talent the directive to kill off a bunch of characters and make it graphic and disturbing. I understand the need to re-vamp or re-start the Ultimate Universe as it has been going down-hill for a while, but this event is overly graphic and was handled with little care for these characters.

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