Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spider-Man's Brand New Day!

I read a lot of comics and I have been reading them for a long time. One group of titles I never really got into - the Spider-Man titles. I like the character just fine, but I always had trouble getting into stories or books that featured just him. I think the trouble lies in the fact that I couldn't identify with him. For one thing - Mary Jane. Sure I've got a super-hot wife, but I worked hard for her affections - she didn't just fall into my lap. Also, she's not taking any more modeling gigs.

The other thing is this guy has so many opportunities to make his life easier and he never takes them. People want to give him money, or support, and he just turns it down or gives it way. Here's a guy that's going out into the world, putting his life on the line constantly, and he lets himself go hungry!

All that aside, when Marvel announced their whole "Brand New Day" thing for Spider-man and the gang I figured I'd give the title a shot. It's really great and I'm enjoying it tremendously. Peter Parker is on his own, trying to make a life for himself while dealing with all the hardships that come with being Spider-Man. The new characters are interesting - I very interested to see how they play out.

Brand New Day directly follows the events of One More Day, published in these issues:
(Part 1) The Amazing Spider-Man #544
(Part 2) Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #23
(Part 3) Sensational Spider-Man (vol. 2) #40
(Part 4) The Amazing Spider-Man #545

Brand New Day starts off in Amazing Spider-Man (now shipping thrice-monthly-ish) and continues in the Annual and a few "Extra" issues. Of course, "Brand New Day" ends after only a few issues, though the events that drive the new continuity are felt through these issues.

Amazing Spider-Man #546-566
Amazing Spider-Man Extra #1
Amazing Spider-Man #567-574
Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 (2008)
Amazing Spider-Man #575-583
Amazing Spider-Man Extra #2
Amazing Spider-Man #584-588
Amazing Spider-Man Extra #3
Amazing Spider-Man #589-Current

The main thing here is that I want to support the project. Marvel has taken three monthly titles and combined them into one thrice-monthly title with a rotating creative team - but with the same overall narrative! This is a practice that I'd love to see for Superman, Batman, Avengers, X-Men, and more! If Marvel makes money off this experiment, perhaps they'll try it with other books too.

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